Saturday, November 12, 2011


I mentioned to my friend M recently that I felt I was knitting faster. Last year when I made my Fiddlehead Mittens, it took me a long time. Almost two weeks to knit the first mitten. It was my second fair isle pattern. This year I'm making them again and its taking me less time. I'm almost able to complete half a mitten in a single two and a half hour sitting.

The reason for this change? I'm confident.

For my Rhinebeck 2011 sweater I knit Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest. I've wanted to make this vest since I learned how to knit. I was challenge on practically everything I knew about knitting. How to measure for a correct fit, how to read a chart correctly, how to keep consistent tension.

Its important to pick a project that will challenge you. By being challenged, you grow.

Tell me: What your challenge project?

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